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Title: Localized axillary milia en plaque: a rare cutaneous case presentation of systemic amyloidosis
Authors: Wylie, Brenton
Dickison, P.
Howard, V.
Smith, S.D.
Year: Oct-2016
Citation: Volume 41, Issue 7, pp. 764 - 767
Abstract: Systemic AL amyloidosis is known to be associated with plasma cell dyscrasias, including multiple myeloma. The cutaneous manifestations of systemic AL amyloidosis are varied, but typically include waxy plaques or subcutaneous nodules. We report a woman who presented with bilateral eruptions of hyperpigmented plaques in her axillae, which were diagnosed as milia en plaque. She had a history of multiple myeloma, for which she was under the care of a haematologist. This is the first documented case, to our knowledge, of an eruption in the axillae being milia en plaque.
ISSN: 0307-6938
DOI: 10.1111/ced.12914
Journal Title: Clinical and Experimental Dermatology
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