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2020-09Supraglottic airway devices for administration of surfactant to newborn infants with respiratory distress syndrome: a narrative reviewBuckmaster, Adam; Roberts, C.T.; Manley, B.J.; O'Shea, J.E.; Stark, M.; Andersen, C.; Davis, P.G. 
2020-08All the right moves: Why in utero transfer is both important for the baby and difficult to achieve and new strategies for changeMcLaren, James; Watson, H.; Carlisle, N.; Ratnavel, N.; Watts, T.; Zaima, A.; Tribe, R.M.; Shennan, A.H. 
2020-07Predicting Nasal High-Flow Treatment Success in Newborn Infants with Respiratory Distress Cared for in Non-Tertiary HospitalsBuckmaster, Adam; McKimmie-Doherty, M.; Arnolda, G.R.; Owen, L.S.; Hodgson, K.A.; Wright, I.M.; Roberts, C.T.; Davis, P.G.; Manley, B.J. 
2020-07Lost in Transition: Is Early Respiratory Support in Newborn Infants the Best Option?Buckmaster, Adam; Arnolda, G.; Owen, L.; Roberts, C.; Davis, P.; Manley, B. 
2006-10Specialist home-based nursing services for children with acute and chronic illnessesPiper, Susan; Cooper, C.; Wheeler, D.M.; Woolfenden, S.R.; Boss, T. 
2019-01Cannabinoids for the treatment of spasticityMurnion, Bridin; Nielsen, S.; Campbell, G.; Young, H.; Hall, W. 
2019-08Perinatal incontinence: Psychometric evaluation of the International Consultation on Incontinence Questionnaire-Urinary Incontinence Short Form and Wexner ScaleFenwick, Jennifer; Gamble, J.; Creedy, D.K.; Slavin, V. 
1997-05The use of pamidronate in PTHrP associated hypercalcaemia in infancyBuckmaster, Adam; Rodda, C.; Cowell, C.T.; Ogle, G.; Dorney, S. 
2009-10Assessing the burden of pregnancy-associated malaria under changing transmission settingsBamford, Paul; Recker, M.; Bouma, M.J.; Gupta, S.; Dobson, A.P. 
2015-05Mild encephalopathy with reversible splenial lesion: an important differential of encephalitisBuckmaster, Adam; Ka, A.; Britton, P.; Troedson, C.; Webster, R.; Procopis, P.; Ging, J.; Chua, Y.W.; Wood, N.; Jones, C.; Dale, R.C. 
2019-05Nasal High-Flow Therapy for Newborn Infants in Special Care NurseriesBuckmaster, Adam; Manley, B.J.; Arnolda, G.R.B.; Wright, I.M.R.; Owen, L.S.; Foster, J.P.; Huang, L.; Roberts, C.T.; Clark, T.L.; Fan, W.Q.; Fang, A.Y.W.; Marshall, I.R.; Pszczola, R.J.; Davis, P.G. 
2011-10Reducing maternal mortality: a review of progress and evidence-based strategies to achieve millennium development goal 5Sullivan, Tim R; Hirst, J.E. 
2017-06A multicentre, randomised controlled, non-inferiority trial, comparing nasal high flow with nasal continuous positive airway pressure as primary support for newborn infants with early respiratory distress born in Australian non-tertiary special care nurseries (the HUNTER trial): study protocolBuckmaster, Adam; Manley, B.J.; Roberts, C.J.; Arnolda, G.R.B.; Wright, Ian; Owen, L.S.; Dalziel, K.M.; Foster, J.P.; Davis, P.G. 
2017-01Plagiocephaly and developmental delay: A Systematic ReviewYu, William; Martiniuk, A.L.; Vujovich-Dunn, C.; Park, M.; Lucas, B.R. 
2016-05A feasibility randomised controlled trial of acupressure to assist spontaneous labour for primigravid women experiencing a post-date pregnancyMollart, Lyndall; Skinner, Virginia; Foureur, M. 
2016-08Pregnant women and health professional's perceptions of complementary alternative medicine, and participation in a randomised controlled trial of acupressure for labour onsetMollart, Lyndall; Adams, J.; Foureur, M. 
2017-07Midwives' personal use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) influences their recommendations to women experiencing a post-date pregnancyMollart, Lyndall; Skinner, Virginia; Foureur, M.; Adams, J. 
2017-02Caring for women wanting a vaginal birth after previous caesarean section: A qualitative study of the experiences of midwives and obstetriciansMollart, Lyndall; Foureur, M.; Turkmani, S.; Clack, D.C.; Davis, D.L.; Leiser, Bernadette; Homer, C.S. 
2003-01First-aid management of minor burns in children: a prospective study of children presenting to the Children's Hospital at Westmead, SydneyMcCormack, Rebecca A; La Hei, E.R.; Martin, H.C.O. 
2006-07Iodine status in pregnant women and their newborns: are our babies at risk of iodine deficiency?Lewis, Peter R; Travers, Cheryl; Guttikonda, Kamala; Norton, C.A.; Mollart, Lyndall; Wiley, V.; Wilcken, B.; Eastman, C.J.; Boyages, Steven 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 48