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Sep-2017A novel and independent method for time-resolved gantry angle quality assurance for VMATZwan, Benjamin; Fuangrod, T.; Greer, P.B.; Barnes, M.P.; Lehman, J.
Jul-2016High melphalan exposure is associated with improved overall survival in myeloma patients receiving high dose melphalan and autologous transplantationTiley, Campbell; Nath, C.E.; Trotman, J.; Presgrave, P.; Joshua, D.; Kerridge, Ian; Kwan, Y.L.; Gurney, H.; McLachlan, A.J.; Earl, J.W.; Nivison-Smith, I.; Zeng, L.; Shaw, P.J.
Oct-2016Localized axillary milia en plaque: a rare cutaneous case presentation of systemic amyloidosisWylie, Brenton; Dickison, P.; Howard, V.; Smith, S.D.
Jan-2017Busulfan is effective second-line therapy for older patients with Philadelphia-negative myeloproliferative neoplasms intolerant of or unresponsive to hydroxyureaForsyth, Cecily; Douglas, G.; Harrison, C.; Bennett, M.; Stevenson, W.; Hounsell, J.; Ratnasingam, S.; Ritchie, D.; Ross, D.M.; Grigg, A.
Aug-2017Breast interest group faculty of radiation oncology: Australian and New Zealand patterns of practice survey on breast radiotherapyNguyen, Kimberley; Windsor, Apsara; Mackenzie, P.; Allen, A.; Dreosti, M.; Morgia, M.; Zissiadis, Y.; Lamoury, G.
Aug-2017Commissioning and quality assurance for VMAT delivery systems: An efficient time-resolved system using real-time EPID imagingZwan, Benjamin; Hindmarsh, Jonathan; Barnes, M.P.; Lim, S.B.; Lovelock, D.M.; Fuangrod, T.; O'Connor, D.J.; Keall, P.J.; Greer, P.B.
2014A dosimetric comparison of 3D-CRT, IMRT, and static tomotherapy with an SIB for large and small breast volumesMichalski, Andrea; Atyeo, J.; Cox, J.; Rinks, M.; Morgia, M.; Lamoury, G.
Dec-2016The role of mindfulness in distress and quality of life for men with advanced prostate cancerBerry, Martin; Chambers, S.K.; Foley, E.; Clutton, S.; McDowell, R.; Occhipinti, S.; Stockler, M.R.; Lepore, S.J.; Frydenberg, M.; Gardiner, R.A.; Davis, I.D.; Smith, D.P.
Aug-2015Examining determinants of radiotherapy access: Do cost and radiotherapy inconvenience affect uptake of breast-conserving treatment for early breast cancer?Poon, Rita; Sundaresan, Purnima; Lam, Johnson; Cook, T.; Foster, S.; Milross, C.
Sep-2015Use of arsenic trioxide in remission induction and consolidation therapy for acute promyelocytic leukaemia in the Australasian Leukaemia and Lymphoma Group (ALLG) APML4 study: a non-randomised phase 2 trialTiley, Campbell; Iland, H.J.; Collins, M.; Bradstock, K.F.; Supple, S.G.; Catalano, A.; Hertzberg, M.; Browett, P.; Grigg, A.; Firkin, F.; Campbell, L.J.; Hugman, A.; Reynolds, J.; Di Iulio, J.; Taylor, K.; Filshie, R.; Seldon, M.; Taper, J.; Szer, J.; Moore, J.; Bashford, J.; Seymour, J.F.
Mar-2017A method for evaluating treatment quality using in vivo EPID dosimetry and statistical process control in radiation therapyZwan, Benjamin; Fuangrod, T.; Greer, P.B.; Simpson, J.; Middleton, R.H.
May-2017Idarubicin dose escalation during consolidation therapy for adult Acute Myeloid LeukemiaTiley, Campbell; Bradstock, K.F.; Link, E.; Di Iulio, J.; Szer, J.; Marlton, P.; Wei, A.H.; Enno, A.; Schwarer, A.; Lewis, I.D.; D'Rozario, J.; Coyle, L.; Cull, G.; Campbell, P.; Leahy, M.F.; Hahn, U.; Cannell, P.; Lowenthal, R.M.; Moore, J.; Cartwright, K.; Cunningham, I.; Taper, J.; Grigg, A.; Roberts, A.W.; Benson, W.; Hertzberg, M.; Deveridge, S.; Rowlings, P.; Mills, A.K.; Gill, Devinder S; Bardy, P.; Campbell, L.J.; Seymour, J.F.
Jan-2017Radiotherapy in Glioblastoma: the past, the present and the futureBack, Michael F; Gzell, C.; Wheeler, H.; Bailey, D.; Foote, M.
May-2016Small field detector correction factors: effects of the flattening filter for Elekta and Varian linear acceleratorsLee, Christopher; Tyler, M.K.; Liu, P.Z.; McKenzie, D.R.; Suchowerska, N.
Sep-2016An EPID-based system for gantry-resolved MLC quality assurance for VMATZwan, Benjamin; Barnes, M.P.; Fuangrod, T.; Stanton, C.J.; O'Connor, D.J.; Keall, P.J.; Greer, P.B.
May-2016Small field detector correction factors: effects of flattening filter for Elekta and Varian linear acceleratorsLee, Christopher; Tyler, M.K.; Liu, P.Z.; McKenzie, D.R.; Suchowerska, N.
Mar-2017Reducing radiation dose to normal brain through a risk adapted dose reduction protocol for patients with favourable subtype anaplastic gliomaBack, Michael F; Eade, Thomas; Bailey, D.; LeMottee, Monica; Crasta, C.; Wheeler, H.; Guo, L.
Jul-2016Synchronous or metachronous lymphoma and metastatic cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma in the head and neck region: a diagnostic and management dilemmaKader, Imran; Leavers, B.; Shashinder, S.; Wylie, Brenton; Chi, K-K.; Sundaresan, Purnima
Feb-2015TIDEL-II: first-line use of imatinib in CML with early switch to nilotinib for failure to achieve time-dependent molecular targets.Yeung, D.; Osborn, M.; White, D.; Branford, S.; Braley, J.; Herschtal, A.; Kornhauser, M.; Issa, S.; Hiwase, D.; Hertzberg, M.; Schwarer, A.; Filshie, R.; Arthur, C.; Kwan, Y.L.; Trotman, J.; Forsyth, Cecily; Taper, J.; Ross, D.M.; Beresford, J.; Tam, C.; Mills, A.K.; Grigg, A.; Hughes, T.
Apr-2008Consensus Guidelines for 'Rainy Day' Autologous Stem Cell Harvests in New South WalesTrotman, J.; Presgrave, Peter; Kwan, Yiu Lam; Tiley, Campbell; Estell, J.; Watson, A.M.; O'Brian, T.A.; Peters, D.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 25
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