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Sep-2019Implementation of multimodal computed tomography in a telestroke network: Five-year experienceO'Brien, Bill; Evans, James; Garcia-Esperon, C.; Soderhjelm Dinkelspiel, F.; Miteff, F.; Gangadharan, S.; Wellings, T.; Lillicrap, T.; Demeestere, J.; Bivard, A.; Parsons, M.; Levi, C.; Spratt, N.J.
Nov-2006Prevalence of depression and use of antidepressant medication at 5-years poststroke in the North East Melbourne Stroke Incidence StudySturm, Jonathan; Paul, S.L.; Dewey, H.M.; Macdonell, R.A.; Thrift, A.G.
2019Vestibular schwannomas: A Reviewde Kanztow, Lucy; Nguyen, D.
Mar-2018Statistical analysis plan for the Pneumatic CompREssion for PreVENting Venous Thromboembolism (PREVENT) trial: a study protocol for a randomized controlled trialGaur, Atul; Arabi, Y.; Al-Hameed, F.; Burns, K.E.A; Mehta, S.; Alsolamy, S.; Almaani, M.; Mandourah, Y.; Almekhlafi, G.A.; Al Bshabshe, A.; Finfer, S.; Alshahrani, M.; Khalid, I.; Mehta, Y.; Hawa, H.; Buscher, H.; Arshad, Z.; Lababidi, H.; Al Aithan, A.; Jose, J.; Abdukahil, S.A.I.; Afesh, L.Y.; Dbsawy, M.; Al-Dawood, A.
May-2012Sudden limb weaknessO'Brien, Bill; Parsons, M.W.; Anderson, C.S.
Oct-2012Common variants at 6p21.1 are associated with large artery atherosclerotic strokeSturm, Jonathan; Maguire, Jane M; Holliday, E.G.; Evans, T.J.; Koblar, S.A.; Jannes, J.; Hankey, G.J.; Baker, R.; Golledge, J.; Parsons, M.W.; Malik, R.; McEvoy, M.; Biros, E.; Lewis, M.D.; Lincz, L.F.; Peel, R.; Oldmeadow, C.; Smith, W.; Moscato, P.; Barlera, S.; Bevan, S.; Bis, J.C.; Boerwinkle, E.; Boncoraglio, G.B.; Brott, T.G.; Brown, R.D., Jr; Cheng, Y.C.; Cole, J.W.; Cotlarciuc, I.; Devan, W.J.; Fornage, M.; Furie, K.L.; Gretarsdottir, S.; Gschwendtner, A.; Ikram, M.A.; Longstreth, W.T., Jr.; Meschia, J.F.; Mitchell, B.D.; Mosley, T.H.; Nalls, M.A.; Parati, E.A.; Psaty, B.M.; Sharma, P.; Stefansson, K.; Thorleifsson, G.; Thorsteinsdottir, U.; Traylor, M.; Verhaaren, B.F.; Wiggins, K.L.; Worrall, B.B.; Sudlow, C.; Rothwell, P.M.; Farrall, M.; Dichgans, M.; Rosand, J.; Markus, H.S.; Scott, R.J.; Levi, C.; Attia, J.
Jun-2008Surgical treatment of moyamoya disease in childrenTomazini Martins, Rodrigo; Demartini Jr, Z.; Rocha, C.E.D.A.; Matos, L.A.D.; Spotti, A.R.; Tognola, W.A.; Santos, M.L.T.
Jul-2013Chronic unremitting headache associated with Lyme disease-like illnessTomazini Martins, Rodrigo; Kowacs, P.A.; Piovesan, E.J.; Pinto, M.C.; Yoshinari, N.H.
Feb-2018Post-Stroke Sleep-Disordered Breathing—Pathophysiology and Therapy OptionsTomazini Martins, Rodrigo; Stevens, D.; Mukherjee, S.; Vakulin, A.
2018Gait in normal pressure hydrocephalus: characteristics and effects of the CSF tap testTomazini Martins, Rodrigo; Souza, R.K.M.; Rocha, S.F.B.; Kowacs, P.A.; Ramina, R.
2019Charles Bonnet Syndrome: Complete Remission of Visual Hallucinations with TrazodoneTomazini Martins, Rodrigo; de Souza, R.K.M.; Kowacs, P.A.
Apr-2018Tenecteplase versus alteplase before endovascular thrombectomy (EXTEND-IA TNK): A multicenter, randomized, controlled studyO'Brien, Bill; Campbell, B.C.; Mitchell, P.J.; Churilov, L.; Yassi, N.; Kleinig, T.J.; Yan, B.; Dowling, R.J.; Bush, S.J.; Dewey, H.M.; Thijs, V.; Simpson, M.; Brooks, M.; Asadi, H.; Wu, T.Y.; Shah, D.G.; Wijeratne, T.; Ang, T.; Miteff, F.; Levi, C.; Krause, M.; Harrington, T.J.; Faulder, K.C.; Steinfort, B.S.; Bailey, P.; Rice, H.; de Villiers, L.; Scroop, R.; Collecutt, W.; Wong, A.A.; Coulthard, A.; Barber, P.A.; McGuinness, B.; Field, D.; Ma, H.; Chong, W.; Chandra, R.V.; Bladin, C.F.; Brown, H.; Redmond, K.; Leggett, D.; Cloud, G.; Madan, A.; Mahant, N.; Worthington, J.; Parker, G.; Desmond, P.M.; Parsons, M.W.; Donnan, G.A.; Davis, S.M.
Apr-2019Relationship Between B-Vitamin Biomarkers and Dietary Intake with Apolipoprotein E є4 in Alzheimer's DiseaseSturm, Jonathan; O'Brien, Bill; Veysey, Martin; D'Cunha, N.M.; Georgousopoulou, E.N.; Boyd, L.
Aug-2018Calcified cerebral emboli: Incidence and implicationsBardon, Miguel; Hanson, Julian; O'Brien, Bill; Naeem, Adil
Jun-2018Intravenous Thrombolysis May Not Improve Clinical Outcome of Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients Without a Baseline Vessel OcclusionO'Brien, Bill; Tian, H.; Parsons, M.W.; Levi, C.R.; Cheng, X.; Aviv, R.I.; Spratt, N.J.; Kleinig, T.J.; Butcher, K.S.; Lin, L.; Zhang, J.; Dong, Q.; Chen, C.; Bivard, A.
Aug-2018Accuracy and Reliability of Multiphase CTA Perfusion for Identifying Ischemic CoreEvans, James W; Reid, M.; Famuyide, A.O.; Forkert, N.D.; Sahand Talai, A.; Sitaram, A.; Hafeez, M.; Najm, M.; Menon, B.K.; Demchuk, A.; Goyal, M.; Gupta Sah, R.
Feb-2019High Degree of Genetic Heterogeneity for Hereditary Cerebellar Ataxias in AustraliaWhyte, Scott; Kang, C.; Liang, C.; Ahmad, K.E.; Gu, Y.; Siow, S.F.; Colebatch, J.G.; Ng, K.; Cremer, P.D.; Corbett, A.J.; Davis, R.L.; Roscioli, T.; Cowley, M.J.; Park, J.S.; Sue, C.M.; Kumar, K.R.
May-2019Thrombolysis Guided by Perfusion Imaging up to 9 Hours after Onset of StrokeSturm, Jonathan; Ma, H.; Campbell, B.C.V.; Parsons, M.W.; Churilov, L.; Levi, C.R.; Hsu, C.; Kleinig, T.J.; Wijeratne, T.; Curtze, S.; Dewey, H.M.; Miteff, F.; Tsai, C.H.; Lee, J.T.; Phan, T.G.; Mahant, N.; Sun, M.C.; Krause, M.; Grimley, R.; Chen, C.H.; Hu, C.J.; Wong, A.A.; Field, D.; Sun, Y.; Barber, P.A.; Sabet, A.; Jannes, J.; Jeng, J.S.; Clissold, B.; Markus, R.; Lin, C.H.; Lien, L.M.; Bladin, C.F.; Christensen, S.; Yassi, N.; Sharma, G.; Bivard, A.; Desmond, P.M.; Yan, B.; Mitchell, P.J.; Thijs, V.; Carey, L.; Meretoja, A.; Davis, S.M.; Donnan, G.A.
2015Acknowledging How Older Australian Women Experience Life After Stroke: How Does the WHO 18-Item Brief ICF Core Set for Stroke Compare?Grennall, Claire; Tavener, M.; Thijsen, A.; Hubbard, I.J.; Francis, J.L.; Levi, C.; Byles, J.
Sep-2018Australian driving restrictions: how well do neurologists know them?Caruana, Patricia; Hughes, A.R.; Lea, R.A.; Lueck, C.J.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 90
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